As a Wedding Photographer based in Pune, I always feel that Pune and Mumbai are such blessed cities to have beautiful scenic views around. We have mesmerising places near around from Mountains, Waterfalls to outstanding beaches. 
Pre-wedding shoot is a very personal thing for couples. Hence choosing Pre-wedding location is very crucial part. Below are some amazing locations around Pune/Mumbai
1. Panshet Dam
Panshet Dam offers amazing views of water bodies and mountains. 
2. Goa
Goa is one of the best location in India for Pre-wedding shoots. It's not only famous for beaches but also for the lifestyle shoots. 
3. Film Sets in Mumbai
Film sets are fantastic options for picturesque Pre-wedding shoots. Film sets offers multiple themes for shoot. 
4. Mulashi Ghat
Mulashi ghat is one of the most beautiful places to have a couple photoshoot. Its scenic in all the seasons. 
5. Alibag
As a Wedding/Pre-wedding Photographer based in Pune,  Alibag is my most favourite locations for Pre-wedding shoots. Because it has lot to offer and it very easy to commute and pocket friendly location. 
6. Lavasa
Lavasa is amazing city which will add an extra charming factor to your Pre-wedding shoot
7. Pavana Lake
8. Resorts in Mulashi
9. Fields of Satara
10 P.L. Deshpande Garden
11. Snap city in Pune
12. Empress Botanical Garden 
13. Lonavala

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