Weddings are colourful celebration of joy, love and unity, but sometimes they can be filled with unexpected challenges for Wedding Photographers. As an experienced wedding photographer I know how much pressure photographers have on the day of wedding while they are capturing beautiful memories for couples. From lighting issues to unpredictable weather, and even last-minute changes in the schedule, being prepared to handle unexpected challenges is vital to ensure a successful wedding photoshoot. In this article, I am going to put some light on common challenges photographers may face at weddings and offer practical tips on how to adapt and overcome them with professionalism and creativity.   
Weather is the biggest challenge when it comes to outdoor wedding photoshoots. Sometimes we may get rain. So photographers has to be ready with back plan.  As a photographer we need to be very creative. With creativity we can achieve good results in chaotic situation of weather change as well. Always keep in mind that how you will achieve best results in extreme whether conditions. This will help you a lot to Embrace the elements and turn them into unique opportunities for stunning and dramatic shots.
2. Tight Schedule of Weddings
Indian weddings are always on tight schedule. As a wedding photographer always discuss timeline of wedding with couple and their family. Always be in touch with event managers and vendors to keep track of wedding events. Now a days all weddings has special entries and dramatic scenes. Hence its very important to have track of things with event managers and decorators. 
3. Different Lightning Conditions 
All weddings venues has different lightening conditions. Always be ready with your own lights and off camera flashes to have best results. 
4. Stay Professional while dealing with uncooperative guests
Sometimes guest can interfere with the photography process. If some guests are blocking your shots or guests unintentionally distracting the couple then politely assert your role as the official photographer while remaining friendly and approachable. Its important to Strike a balance between directing group shots and capturing candid moments unobtrusively.
5. Carry Backup Gears
Always carry backup lights, cards, batteries, camera, lenses to avoid technical glitches. 
Unexpected challenges in wedding photography are unavoidable.  Practice to be calm, flexible and creative in different situations. Your client will remember you for your good work.
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