A South Indian wedding is a grand and elaborate affair, steeped in tradition and rich cultural heritage. The weddings in South India are known for their opulence, vibrant colors, and beautiful rituals. We, A&T Photography covered this colourful wedding of Dr Kshiti and Dr Deepak at Tip Top International Hotel, Pune.
We enjoyed the wedding shoot of this amazing couple as it was so candid and happy.
The majestic beauty that comes with the gorgeous decor and the bright hues of South Indian culture is enough to take your breath away. From grand processions toartistic wedding rituals, a South Indian Wedding is nothing but a delight to witness!
The pre-wedding ceremonies in a South Indian wedding include the engagement ceremony, where the bride and groom exchange rings and blessings from their families. Another important pre-wedding ceremony is the Haldi ceremony, where turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom's skin as a purification ritual.
From selecting the right venue to decking up everything with traditional colors, one can witness the grandiosity of these weddings. From sangeet ceremonies to mehendi designing, marigold garlands to flower jewelry playing in unison-it's all such an amazing experience!
South Indian Weddings are a celebration of grandeur, rituals and traditions filled with joy and happiness. It is an occasion filled with beautiful decorations and ornaments, music, dances and a great deal of merriment! South Indian weddings have something very unique in them- they focus on the beauty of all the rituals that take place during the wedding.
The main wedding ceremony, known as the Kalyanam, is an elaborate and traditional ritual that takes place over a number of days. The ceremony begins with the groom's family visiting the bride's home for the formal engagement ceremony. This is followed by the Muhurtham, where the bride and groom exchange flower garlands, signifying their acceptance of each other.
The wedding concludes with a grand feast, known as the Vidaai, where the bride bid farewell to her family and sets off to start a new life with her husband.
Overall, a South Indian wedding is a beautiful and elaborate affair that showcases the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the region. With its opulence, vibrant colors, and beautiful rituals, it is an unforgettable experience for all those involved.
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