Sets in the city mumbai Pre wedding shoot
Sets in the city Italian sets location
The photoshoot took place on several sets, each with a different theme, showcasing Mehul and Unnati's love for adventure, romance, and fantasy. The first set was an Italian-inspired village, complete with rustic brick walls and cobblestone streets, providing the perfect backdrop for a romantic and intimate photoshoot.
American cowboy prewedding theme in sets in the city mumbai
The second set was a cowboy-themed shoot, complete with wild west props such as a horse and a saloon. Mehul and Unnati donned cowboy hats and boots, bringing the American frontier to life in Mumbai. The couple's playful energy and sense of adventure were captured in every frame, making the photos truly unforgettable.
Beautiful santorini set in sets in the city mumbai for pre wedding
Traditional Photography sets in sets in the city mumbai
Next, the couple moved to a Rajasthani-inspired set, complete with intricate sandstone arches, beautifully decorated doorways, and traditional Indian costumes. The couple's love for India and its rich cultural heritage was on full display as they posed in front of the beautifully decorated sets.
In conclusion, Mehul and Unnati's pre-wedding photoshoot at the sets in the city film location in Mumbai was a celebration of love, creativity, and imagination. The elaborate sets, costumes, and props brought the couple's personalities and love for adventure to life, capturing memories that will be treasured forever.

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