Couple Mesmerised, holding each other gracefully near water fall| Image captured by Best Wedding Photographer in India
India is relatively dry country but in Monsoon the once-dry areas transform into a picturesque sights, covered with lush green plants and blooming flowers. The sound of raindrops falling on the ground brings happiness and they are indeed soothing and refreshing. The rain brings a sense of tranquility and renewal, making it a perfect time for for pre-wedding shoots.
India has extreme summer. The monsoon season offers relief from the intense heat of summer, providing a more comfortable and pleasant climate for shooting and photography.
A captivating cinematic still of the couple holding each other close during monsoon pre-wedding shoot| Photographed by best Pre-wedding Photographer in Pune
During Monsoon Waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs are the sights to behold as nature's water bodies come alive.
The monsoon is the most romantic season and as a wedding photographer what I want to capture is the essence of love with the scenic beauty of the rainy season.
Beautiful Shot by A&T Photography where bride’s dress is flowing in the monsoon flair
As a professional photographer/cinematographer, I believe that lightning is the key for any picture or video. Technically speaking monsoon offers beautiful natural lightning for good skin tone and background lightning. The sky during the monsoon is a soft which provides diffused light, and it is perfect for capturing amazing images and cinematic videos  without harsh shadows.
Lush Green Backgrounds at Monsoon Pre-wedding Photoshoot by A&T Photography where couple is looking amazing
Vibrant green colours of landscapes/mountains add beautiful effect in photos and videos during monsoon season which is one of my favourite thing to do pre-wedding in monsoon. 
Best Pre-wedding Photographer captured amazing monsoon pre-wedding at Lavasa Lake City
I have done many pre-weddings in monsoon. The freshness of this season inspires couples to do fun, dancing and make beautiful candid pictures/videos. The romantic ambiance of monsoon adds dreamy and filmy effects to the pre-wedding shoot. And that is the reason monsoon is my favourite season to shoot preweddings.
Flowing Dress of Bride adding extra drama in this amazing monsoon prewedding by A&T Photography
I always encourage my clients  to experiment with their outfits during monsoon season. I suggest flowy dresses and vibrant sarees to add a touch of dreaminess to the photographs.
A breathtaking view of a lush green mountain in the background as the couple shares an intimate moment during their monsoon pre-wedding shoot captured by A&T Photography| Best Wedding Photographer in Pune
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