There are several reasons why Experienced Wedding Photographers charge on slightly higher side  
1. Photography Expertise and Skills
Experienced Photographers work very hard over the time period to build their knowledge and skill. They posses a deep understanding of composition, lighting, posing, and other technical aspects of photography. Their extensive knowledge allows them to consistently deliver high-quality images and capture important moments effectively.  
2. Professionalism and Reliability: 
Experienced wedding photographers develop a professional approach to their work. Because of the experience, they understand the significance of a wedding day and the importance of documenting it. They are more likely to be reliable, punctual, and organised, ensuring that they capture all the essential moments and details without any issues.
3. Equipment and Backup: 
From quality perspective good gears and editing softwares are at at-most importance in wedding photography. Established brands of photographers often invest in high-quality camera gear, lenses, lighting equipment, and editing software. They ensure they have backup equipment in case of any technical failures. These resources contribute to better image quality and overall coverage of the wedding day.
4. Artistic Vision and Style: 
What differs amateur photographer from experienced one is the creativity. And creativity comes with consistent practice and efforts in the field. Experienced photographers have developed their artistic vision and a distinct style over time. They bring creativity and a unique perspective to their work, ensuring that the images stand out and reflect the couple's personality and the overall atmosphere of the wedding.
5. Post-Processing and Editing: 
As a Wedding Photographer, I believe that photography is not only about cameras and lights but also about post productions.  Skilled photographers not only capture the images but also spend significant time in post-processing and editing. They enhance the photos, adjust colors, correct any imperfections, and create a cohesive look. This attention to detail adds value to the final product.
6. Understanding of Wedding Dynamics: 
Weddings or I can say Indian Weddings can be complex events with various locations, schedules and different lighting conditions. Experienced photographers posses knowledge of these challenges before and can navigate them effectively. They know how to manage time, handle different lighting scenarios, and capture candid moments without being intrusive.
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